All homework unless otherwise stated must follow the format below in order to be considered on time and to be counted toward your grade:

Work must be on your own 8.5 by 11 paper (not on the problem list I give you for your convenience) with the section or part labeled (along with the problem numbers being worked out) on the top of each page, at least a single space between problems and between answers (the idea here is to allow space so I can easily read what your are doing).  Show all pertinent work that addresses the level and context of each problem.

State the question or include a paraphrase of the question in your answer.  Ex:  The mean of the two samples is 3.5 cm.  Ex: The st. dev. s = 2.4 cm.  You do not have to write out the full question unless you prefer.

Staple together all pages in proper order and grouped by due date and parts or sections.  For example, all parts 1,2,3 and 4 stapled together in order since they are due at the 1st exam together.